Booking from this page you will get the best available rate, free parking and receive the "Hotel Corsaro Direct Guest Card" with discount on excursions, no city tax and free access to the SPA.
You can claim a refund for the difference if you happen to find your reservation cheaper on another website*.

We Price Match checklist

  • The other offer must be for the same property and accomodation type.
  • The other offer must be for the same check in and check out dates.
  • The other offer must have the same cancellation policy and conditions.

When can't you make a claim

  • If the other offer is on a website that doesn't reveal the property or accommodation type you'll be staying in until after booking.
  • If the other offer is part of a loyalty or rewards programme.
  • If the other offer is a special promotion or deal.

* Just remember to contact us after booking with us and at least 24 hour before you check-in date. You'll need to provide us with the link to the offer and it must be online and available when we check.