Sabato, 7 Febbraio 2015

klaus pictureEtna was very active this winter.

Last Sud-Est crater eruption was spectacular (but no danger).

You can find a nice report here (italian only but plenty of pictures): 31 January eruption

Giovedì, 15 Gennaio 2015

2015 Special offersFrom April to October, If you stay two or more nights check our reservation page to get a discount. You will also get free wellness area access.

If you stay just one night but you reserve by our reservation page you will have wellness area for free, anyway!

Offer is valid through February 2015 included.

Martedì, 9 Dicembre 2014

Quattro stelleHotel will be closed since 11/01 to 03/31.

During winter closure we will improve hotel and will gain the fourth star.

You can contact Rifugio Sapienza (095 915321, for New Year’s Day and winter weekends.

Should we complete works before end of march we will publish a new on our website (and will send an email to all those who will send us an email request).

We will continue answering emails, don’t worry! Reception will be active anyway.

Martedì, 25 Novembre 2014

ThomasOn December 2008 our guest and friend Thomas Reichart captured Etna in his photoes, for last time.

Ciao Thomas!

His page is alive on Flickr:

Mercoledì, 8 Ottobre 2014

Paula and JanPaula and Jan have been here in September.

Thanks for biscuits and letter!

Lunedì, 29 Settembre 2014

Aitne Med excursion to top craters

Aitne MedAitne MedAitne MedAitne Med

Mercoledì, 24 Settembre 2014

Aitne MedA new great tour is available thanks to Aitne Med.

It is possible to visit Bocca Nuova, Centrale and Nord Est craters at just € 70,00.

Check their page and contact them for more information.

You can also contact Marco Tomasello at +39 347 0800902.

Sabato, 16 Agosto 2014

Andrea Bonina Etna DragonTo explore Etna. There is also something new, something unexpected, something beautiful.

Today we sighted a dragon.

Photo by Andrea Bonina

Mercoledì, 13 Agosto 2014

While eruption on nothern side has stopped Sud-Est crater is back on business.

Wonderful activity in past three days and even a long lava river!

Who reserved rooms with terrace is more than happy… he will have show in room!

Several people are asking for sunset excursions. Etna Walk and AitneMed are organizing them. Contact them at +39 339 2563014 or

Domenica, 10 Agosto 2014

Another adventure on Etna!

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