Domenica, 27 Luglio 2014

First on new ground.

Click on picture to see video.


Venerdì, 18 Luglio 2014

Men on the Moon - EtnaEtna Walk men on the Moon

Giovedì, 17 Luglio 2014

Nord Est BabyA nice picture at sunrise.

Complete album on Etna e dintorni in foto Facebook page.

Sabato, 12 Luglio 2014

Oliver Beck 2014Thanks to Oliver Beck we have a video of new eruption!

You can see it on our Facebook page

His message:

“Hi Alessandro and Davide,

here is a photo and a short video from today. You can publish if you like.

The problem in the moment is the gas. NEC is producing a lot and also the eruptive vents.

With the western winds the gas is pushed down in the valley. So the photos are not very clear.

Because of the gas, there are no excursions to the eruption in the moment.

One vent is very dangerous and is producing big explosions; magma bubbles are exploding and lava fragments are thrown in the air for at least 100 m.”

Lunedì, 7 Luglio 2014

Nord Est effusive Vent by Oliver Beck[english]Thanks to Oliver Beck we have a close photo of new effusive vent!/english]
[italian]Grazie ad Oliver Beck abbiamo una foto ravvicinata della nuovo pozzo effusivo![/italian]

Domenica, 6 Luglio 2014

iEtnaYesterday our guest connected to infrared webcam and reported higher temperature around Nord-Est crater.

He was right :-)

To see some picture: iEtna

Mercoledì, 18 Giugno 2014

Etna Walk VideoAn Etna Walk video about eruption.

A lot of people are asking us if there is any danger, road closed and so on. Only danger, here, is if to miss this show if you don’t reserve a room! :-D


Martedì, 17 Giugno 2014

NSECNew Etna Walk photo and eruption still running.

Cluods made everything more fascinating!

Lunedì, 16 Giugno 2014

A long lava river, tonight.

We suggest Etna Walk’s Facebook page for continuos updates and new pictures: Etna Walk

Venerdì, 13 Giugno 2014

Nice explosions tonight!

All clearly visible by our terraced rooms.

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