Venerdì, 19 Giugno 2015

An indipendent official alpine guide is planning tours to the top craters.

To reserve an excursion you can contact Pietro La Rosa, +39 331 1080540,

He speaks english, italian and french.

Giovedì, 14 Maggio 2015

Etna eruption hotelYesterday it seemed activity was diminishing but today seismograph is rising fast and explosions are every minute more beautiful.

Mercoledì, 13 Maggio 2015

massimologiudice130515Yesterday NSEC crater enlighted the night

Photo: Massimo Lo Giudice

Domenica, 3 Maggio 2015

Etna WebcamsSome ash launch this morning, Etna show begins!

Webcam page:

Lunedì, 27 Aprile 2015

Mt. Etna sonsI can’t believe.

Do you remember our old post about Etna sons coming back home? Here it is:

Well, it happaned again this morning.

Few words this time: “Dear Hotel Corsaro, please return these stones to mt. Etna. Thank you“.

Once more we wish to remember Matt and Niki Adlam-Stiles words: “In Hawai it’s a superstition/tradition about the volcano Kilauea that you should not take the stones because it brings bad luck…. they say that Pele (the volcano goddess) likes to keep all her children (i.e. the stones) close to her heart…..“.

More, mr. and mrs. Henning words (who are healty, happy and nice despite all rocks colected): “Thanks M. Etna we have got some best friends […] Through Etna stones M. Etna gets part of our life

Sabato, 25 Aprile 2015

Martijn Verschoor on Etna at Hotel CorsaroHappy Martijn Verschoor of Novo Nordisk team was here!

Go, Martijn, win for us!

Martedì, 21 Aprile 2015

Auto Europe Rental Car EtnaAuto Europe is a Portland (USA) company.

It has been a great pleasure to find our hotel between their suggestions about Sicily and Mount Etna.

Hotel Corsaro (Contrada Cantoniera, 95030 Nicolosi), located near the Sapienza Refuge, is your best bet. This hotel has simple yet elegant rooms, a wellness area with a sauna and whirlpool, a convenient location, and spectacular views that just can’t be beat“.

If you are planning a tour on Sicily their guide will be precious even if Etna is just a small part of travel. I suggest to read it on Sicily Road Trip Planner page.

Lunedì, 13 Aprile 2015

Hotel Corsaro Etna Breakfast fresh orange juiceWe care!

Your organic dirtector looking is looking for organic oranges!

Giovedì, 9 Aprile 2015

It’s never too late to publish best pictures our guests collected around our volcano. At least I hope.

Henning 2014Henning 2014 EtnaHenning 2014 Etna Corsaro

Henning 2014 Etna Corsaro HotelHenning 2014 Etna HotelHenning 2014 Hotel

Henning 2014 HotelHenning Etna HotelHenning Etna Hotel Corsaro

Henning Etna Hotel Corsaro TaorminaHenning Etna Hotel Corsaro Taormina CataniaHenning Etna Hotel Taormina Catania

Henning Etna Taormina CataniaHenning Etna Taormina Catania AccomodationHenning Etna Taormina Catania Accomodation View

Henning Etna Taormina Catania Accomodation View BestHenning Etna Taormina Catania Accomodation View Best HotelHenning Etna Taormina Accomodation View Best Hotel

Henning Etna Taormina Accomodation Best HotelHenning Etna Accomodation Best HotelHenning Etna Best Hotel

Henning Etna Best Hotel NatureHenning Etna Best Hotel Nature HornitologyHenning Etna Best Hotel Trekking Lava

Henning Etna Best Hotel Trekking Lava ExcursionsHenning Etna Best Hotel Trekking Excursions

Sabato, 7 Febbraio 2015

klaus pictureEtna was very active this winter.

Last Sud-Est crater eruption was spectacular (but no danger).

You can find a nice report here (italian only but plenty of pictures): 31 January eruption

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