14/07 Strombolian activity in Bocca Nuova

Da qualche giorno la Bocca Nuova mostra un’attività stromboliana. Anche ieri sera è stato possibile vedere luminescenza rossa sopra la cima.

Etna Walk è salita per scoprire se fosse possibile vedere qualcosa e… guardate un’altra avventura di Etna Walk!


  • hotelcorsaro scrive:

    We watched the video clip etna walk published on Hotel Corsaro’s website.

    What do that people think?!

    Everybody who has brains knows about the danger which origins from the deep fractures at the crater rim of Bocca Nuova. Parts are already collapsed resp. show a clear depression. At any time further parts of the crater rim could suddenly collapse.
    The behaviour of the etna walk people is simply silly! Do they love to dice with death? If so they should do, but please without public. To our mind it is irresponsible to use it for promotion for etna walk and to give the impression of an easy walk.
    That’s a dangerous misguidance for other Etna visitors!
    Mt. Etna is much more than an object for marketing. More respect to nature, please!
    K. and. U. Henning, G. and H. Krabusch