On September, 15th has arrived in Hotel monsieur Etienn Nicoladze Arnaud. He was here to check Etna activity and possibility of excursion for French trekking groups and, above all, for his personal passion and love for mountains. While in alone excursion at high altitude a fast change in weather conditions surprised him without any refuge in proximity. I remember the heavy bombardment of lightings on hotel, that day. It was a fast and heavy storm. Monsieur Nicoladze didn’t come back in hotel that evening. While in excursion a lightning found him as only way to reach ground. His mobile telephone has exploded when lightning reached him. He had no signs  on his body of that happened. But that one was his last adventure on a mountain. Isabelle Nicoladze, his wife, wrote me a short e-mail in memory of her husband. I wish to copy here a part of her e-mail: “Arnaud adorait ce métier d’accompagnateur qu’il venait de découvrir et il était séduit par le voyage qu’il préparait en Sicile.” (I try to translate: Arnaud loved his new job of guide and he has been allured by travel he prepared in Sicily). To her wife, his daughter Laure and his son Marc we offer this little space in memory of their husband and father.

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