mr. Charles Riviere was here just one minute ago.Etna picture of an Artificial Hole in Lava 2004 He has extraordinary pictures of lava fall in Valle del Bove. He will try to upload all new images this night, if he can. Meanwhile on his website you can find a lot of new Etna Pictures including an extraordinary image of mr. Alfio Mazzaglia working though an hole directly on red lava! I add this picture to website without his authorization so I hope he will not ask me to sell hotel to pay Copyright! Eruption is mostly tunnelled but on his website you can find best pictures of all lava river. An extraordinary image also shows mr. Charles Riviere walking on crater. Under his feet lava flows down but temperature on black lava skin is now low enough to quietly stand there.  I am happy to unofficially communicate that it seems also Boris Behncke is in this zone in exploration. Due to privacy problems I can’t off course confirm this new. Anyway his girlfriend is really beautiful as he told us last time he was here. To our friend Boris, our best wishes

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