Martedì, 31 Gennaio 2012

Full load of snow on Etna!

Next weekend will be best one of this winter season.

Forecasts report even more snow coming; few rooms available, contact us at to reserve!

Hotel Corsaro Etna NevicataHotel Corsaro Etna Nevicata Range RoverHotel Corsaro Etna Nevicata Range RoverHotel Corsaro Etna Nevicata Lancer SpazzaneveHotel Corsaro Etna Nevicata LancerHotel Corsaro Etna Nevicata Lancer Brembo

Lunedì, 30 Gennaio 2012

As forcecasted an heavy snowing is running.

You can contact us by e-mail, we prefer working remotely in front to fireplace today, I admit.


Martedì, 24 Gennaio 2012

Forecasts say it will be a white saturday night (and a lot of snow on sunday!). Should we believe in it?

By the moment they report a total of 41 centimeters of snow. Let’s hope…

Mercoledì, 18 Gennaio 2012

Last rooms available on Saturday night. Contact us by e-mail at if interested.

Freezing evening, yesterday, -9°C around 7:00 p.m.

Hotel Corsaro Etna S.P. 92Hotel Corsaro Etna SpazzaneveHotel Corsaro Etna Sottozero

Martedì, 17 Gennaio 2012

Another wonderful snowy day on Etna!

Photo 1.250 meters high close to Hotel “La Nuova Quercia”.

Variante a La Nuova Quercia

Lunedì, 16 Gennaio 2012

A perfect quiet day of snowing without wind.

Hotel Etna e neve 1Hotel Etna e neve 2Hotel Etna e neve 4Hotel Etna e neve 3

Venerdì, 13 Gennaio 2012

Our special offer, Family Plan January 2012 will still active on last two January weekends: 20-22nd and 27-29th, two nights.

Contact us at for this offer.

Family Plan

Giovedì, 12 Gennaio 2012

Every saturday Hotel Corsaro offers a sweet buffet to its guests!

Mercoledì, 11 Gennaio 2012

Etna wins second prize for cheapest skiing resort in Europe for Tripadvisor.

All details in ANSA article (in italian)
Alberghi a Nicolosi Hotel Corsaro Etna

Giovedì, 5 Gennaio 2012

After a ‘fire night’ (with an usual Etna paroxysm as we had many on 2011) forecats alert us for snow.

If in this moment road is black due to sand tomorrow morning it will be white.

Good new is that thanks to sand we’ll have much less ice.

UPDATE: spectacular Etna Walk video


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