29 Jul

29/07 Great Wolf!

It has been a great evening. I expected a quiet evening with beautiful photos, maybe too quiet for a big audience. It was an emotioning evening for all, instead. We all remained fascinated by some of the most extraordinary images of volcanoes all around the world and we all remained conquered by Wolf’s volcanic personality …


23 Jul

23/07 Wolf Müller in Nicolosi

The notorious volcanologist Wolf Müller will be in Nicolosi. On July, 28th at 09:00 p.m. in volcanologic museum “Museo vulcanologico di Nicolosi” he will present his photographic travel on most beautiful and active volcanoes of the world. This show will be not technical but artistic. It is a great occasion to meet this carismatic man …


22 Jul

22/07 Catania by night

After watching Beck’s photo of Catania as seen by hotel’s terrace Jana and Jiri Wuensche sent me their shoot by same position. Photo is just few hours old and it has been sent thanks to free wireless hotel offers. Thanks to them for this nice photo. By their own words: “Nearly like from Mulholland drive… …


19 Jul

19/07 With Oliver’s eye (bis)

After hacker attack I can re-publish lost new with Oliver’s photos. It said: Oliver Beck went back to Germany just in time to see his football team arrive once more close to the dream and loose it. After my holiday in Germany few weeks ago and after seeing so many people loving their national I …


18 Jul

18/07 Back online

Website was down for two days due to an hacker attack. We are back online thanks to a backup but I’ll have to replace Oliver Beck’s photos. We hope hacker will choice Etna for his next holidays now he has seen how beautiful is our volcano.


1 Jul

01/07 Around Etna

It’s like summer and winter. Twice per year we wait mr. and mrs. Krabusch CDs and we enjoy their ‘eye’ to catch in photos all strange thing we have on Etna. Photos added to our gallery as Krabusch May 2010