31 Jan

31/01 Tonight’s blizzard

This night we had another blizzard. Roads where closed this morning. Wind is still strong and Police doesn’t allow cars to come on Etna, yet (11:00 a.m.). Plenty of snow but no party, today. We are trying to allow out guest to come, anyway. At least 80 lucky people will see snow. Fishing between comments …


22 Jan

22/01 White weekend

Weather is perfect today. Snow is abundant and I presume tomorrow it will be possible to ski. I publish a today’s photo of Rifugio Sapienza and cable car station “Funivia dell’Etna” with ski slopes and “La Montagnola” ridge in background. A merry weekend to you all!


16 Jan

16/01 Finally operative

We have been isolated for more than twelve hours. Without telephone, without internet, without electric power (but we have our generator). Now we can finally answer your emails. Tomorrow Etna will be plenty of snow day so prepare yourselves!


15 Jan

15/01 Road closed this evening

Due to strong wind and heavy snow S.P. 92 road is closed this evening. It will open tomorrow January, 16th for a fantastic snowy weekend. Photo is a “Postcard from Hell”. Bad quality is due to impossibility to go outside in this moment. I took this photo through entrance door’s glass. I also publish an …


13 Jan

13/01 …more snow

It’s still snowing since yesterday. According to forecasts it should increase! UPDATE: even more snow, today it was a pleasure to have some Rally time on 30 centimeters of fresh snow. Strongly suggested a good car and some horse power.


12 Jan

12/01 Snow on Etna

Here in Etna Sud station it’s snowing every day. Forecasts report other 20cm on Friday. Good!