31 Jul

31/07 Eighth event!

As expected yesterday evening another spectacular eruption! Very high explosions and a ‘lava flooding’ (I wouldn’t call that a ‘lava river’, it was too wide!). Here’s a Boris Behncke photo and first webcam image by Klaus Henning. It seems Etna Walk was there so we’ll wait to see their photos (we suppose extraordinary as usual).


26 Jul

26/07 Living Etna

“Davide, with this collage we would like to thank you and your team. It was for us a week with new views of Sicily and mount Etna. Hotel Corsaro was an excellent stay to make this happen. Best regards Peter and Maria Reichart” Many thanks to you who narrated our Sicily in few beautiful photos. …


25 Jul

25/07 Again!

Andreas Brenneke and Fabio Santanocito could be vampires. They stay awake all night waiting Etna’s blood. This night they had their victim: probably Pit-crater again? UPDATE: Could we miss another extraordinary Etna Walk photo?


20 Jul

20/07 More Etna photos

You can find more photos of last extraordinary activity at: Volcano Discovery Etna Walk Click on photos for direct links


19 Jul

19/07 Good morning Etna!

Strong noises and a long lava river woke up eastern flank Etna towns. From Nicolosi now I woke up it will be hard to sleep again! Suggested webcam: Etna Trekking 5 On Giarre a lot of ash is falling down. Andreas Brenneke was first to send us an e-mail (but we were sleeping). My girlfried …


18 Jul

18/07 Henning’s sanatorium

New photos by Hennings! “Buonasera, Davide! One week after our (to early) departure from Sicily [Hennings left hotel one day before a great Etna activity]Again we got a lot of new impressions of the wonderful nature and enjoyed the comfortable service in your hotel. Each day was a long day of walking, seeing and taking …