20 Mar

20/03 Spring coming!

Spring is coming. Weather is fantastic, temperatures are much higher, birds tweet happy. Time to discover Sicily beginning by a masterpiece video: MAARÈ (follow this link for english subtitles!)


18 Mar

18/03 Only one place…

As we said, there is only one place where you can ski with sea in front and lava back your shoulders: Etna! There is only one place where you can take photos to a volcano and his gulf having foxes circling around.


15 Mar

15/03 March on Etna

Several people contact us even from Alpes to ski here because we are plenty of snow! We still have some rooms for this weekend. Contact us at info@hotelcorsaro.it …last one is a Photoshop work with Orion constellation instead of dark black sky


14 Mar

14/03 Hotel operative!

Hotel is operative again. Road is almost open to Rifugio Sapienza’s zone and touristic station should be fully functional tomorrow.


13 Mar

13/03 Storm finished!

Storm has finished. During the day I hope I’ll have time to update website but it will be a busy day (and I still have no photos)


8 Mar

08/03 Mediterranean hurricane

No half terms for this week-end. It will remember an hurricane even if this term is not proper. We decided to close hotel for next three days for your and our safety. Forecasts expect an above any record snowing, here. Suggestions for saturday for everybody: stay at home! As usual we expect telephone lines died, …