25 Feb

25/02 “Use the Force, Luke”

Star Wars moment! +  =  (to be continued…)


24 Feb

24/02 Etna adventures

Today it is a pleasure to publish photos and an extraordinary video. Let’s begin by a video. Two week ago somebody broke wheel chains of four cars of our hotel guests in hotel parking by night. We suspected a fox but we were not sure. Click on fox photo to see video of the dangerous …


23 Feb

23/02 The day after

It was a great snowing. Roads should be open since tomorrow morning, they are working hard. As we always say “March, month of snow” and it will be a March plenty of it. As once happened we are digging a tunnel to open reception and ground floor. Many thanks to Funivia dell’Etna. Thanks to his …


22 Feb

22/02 Rifugio Sapienza under snow

Today’s forecasts have not only been respected but greatly passed. We choose to close hotel (we suppose until tomorrow 23st). We dont’ have photos of today’s situation but you can see Rifugio Sapienza’s ones (we are warm at home in front fireplace but our heroic colleagues are there “enjoing” snow). You can see more photoes …


21 Feb

21/02 Two days of heavy snowing

Forecasts expect very heavy snowing on 21st and 22nd. We decided to close hotel in both days and enjoy a new meter of snow since friday! We expect a great week-end so if you wish to reserve you can contact us at info@hotelcorsaro.it


19 Feb

19/02 Team Lampre

Michele Scarponi, Giro d’Italia winner 2011, was cycling up on Etna when he was attracted by a wall writing “Other than Scarponi, my idol is Capsoni!” Thanks Facebook we found the local professional biker Valerio Capsoni. We organized a little meeting between Michele and Valerio, who have not just bike in common: they are nice …