31 Jul

31/07 The Proposal

Under a Bocca Nuova in eruption he made her The Proposal. We found a nice message in reception and, some hours later, an email we have been glad to read! “Hello Davide, Today we arrived home after 9 very good days on Stromboli and Etna. This morning we left your nice hotel in silence at …


21 Jul

21/07 Bocca Nuova in eruption

Bocca Nuova continues to show strombolian activity! Please remember it is forbidden and risky to go to the top. Contact alpin guides for a tour around eruption zone. Foto courtesy by Etna Walk.


14 Jul

14/07 Strombolian activity in Bocca Nuova

Since few days Bocca Nuova shows strombolian activity. Even yesterday evening it was possible to see red shining above the top. Etna Walk went up to discover if it was possible to see anything and… watch another Etna Walk adventure!


13 Jul

13/07 The Fox and the Cat

Has Collodi ever been on Etna? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Meanwhile on Etna, real photographers… (12/07 eruption in Bocca Nuova)