27 Feb

27/02 Hotels in Nicolosi and Zafferana with snow

Tonight every hotel on Etna had its snow. It was a great snowing even in towns around Etna. To arrive in Nicolosi and see Hotel Gemmellaro, Hotel Biancaneve, Hotel Alle Pendici totally white like Hotel Corsaro was a very nice experience, an alpin landscape. I presume our colleagues in Zafferana (Hotel Airone e Hotel Primavera …


26 Feb

26/02 Incredible video

Incredible video and it is extraordinary to think all those places are in short range from hotel (from less than 1 to about 5Kms, I think). Enjoy Freeride World Tour 2011! UPDATE: Many people wish to see actual snowing. We sent a volunteer to take a photo outside. He come back wet, cold, white but …


25 Feb

25/02 March will begin plenty of snow

Looking at forecast and according to actual situation I suspect than march will be plenty of snow. Forecasts expect even more snowings on saturday and monday.


23 Feb

23/02 Heavy snow

Heavy snow, today. I took two pictures at about 1.700m altitude just before situation got worst and I had to concentrate just on road. As you can see we always suggest to have chains or snow tyres to avoid accidents. Today reception will work just few hours so please for any request send us an …


18 Feb

18/02 Snow? No problem!

Today it’s snowing. Did you expect a snow photo? Our reception has never been so entertaining, here two photos of Team Lampre training indoor.  Yes, meanwhile outside it’s snowing. Dedicated to our friend Walty of EAF51. UPDATE: did you know Sud Est zone is again in eruption? A lava river is now visible in Valle …


11 Feb

11/02 Training on Etna

Cycling best world teams are discovering Etna as ideal training spot. It’s due to several reasons as for example: – Ideal location in Europe, it allows to sleep 2.000 meters (6.500 feet) high with unique possibility to go down to 0 meters altitude in just 30 minutes taking advantage of mild climate and perfect road …