22 Jun

22/06 “VOLCANOES near to the skin – Moments of Creation”

Wolfgang Mueller and Klaudia Kretschmer have been here presenting their book. VOLCANOES near to the skin – Moments of Creation “This is the title of the book (in German language) recently published by the famous German photographer of volcanoes Wolfgang Mueller and his life companion, co-author and -photographer Klaudia Kretschmer. Volcanoes are the mystical, primeval …


16 Jun

16/06 Etna Park hotels

How many hotels do you find in National Park “Parco dell’Etna”? Here is a picture by Booking.com & Google Maps.


7 Jun

07/06 “Kreuzfahrt ins Glück – Sizilien”

Rumors & gossip: on December, about 25th we suggests to see “Kreuzfahrt ins Glück – Sizilien” on German television. It seems your favourite hotel on your favourite volcano will be seen as a “volcanologic station” in this serial. Don’t forget to send us a YouTube link we can publish! (Were Marcus Grüsser and Jessica Boehrs …