28 Dec

28/12 Very special last minute

One room, only one room available for the most requested of our New Year’s Day proposals: “Proposta 3”. First who reserves it by e-mail will spend next three days with a very special price and free access to our wellness area. Download New Year’s Day 2013 offers here: New Year’s Day 2013. For this and …


27 Dec

27/12 New offers!

We added some last minute offers: 01/01-03/01 (up to € 50,00 discount on official prices!) http://tinyurl.com/OFFER-010113-030113 02/01-04/01 (up to € 50,00 discount on official prices!) http//tinyurl.com/OFFER-020113-040113 03/01-05/01 (up to € 52,00 discount on official prices!) http://tinyurl.com/OFFER-030113-050113 11/01-13/01 (up to € 102,00 discount on official prices!) http://tinyurl.com/OFFER-1101-1301 Or make your special offers checking dates you prefer …


25 Dec

25/12 Last chance!

Last two rooms available for New Year’s Day 2013. We launched a new special offer to sell these two rooms for 31st December and 1st January nights. Contact us (only by e-mail) to discover this offer!


15 Dec

20/12 Special offers

There are several special offers available online. Click on links, offer will be active for a limited time! Examples: 22/12-24/12 (up to € 97,00 discount on official prices!) [Sold out!] 24/12-26/12 (up to € 48,00 discount on official prices!) http://tinyurl.com/OFFER-2412-2612 27/12-29/12 (up to € 71,00 discount on official prices!) http://tinyurl.com/OFFER-2712-2912 28/12-30/12 (up to € 42,00 …


10 Dec

10/12 Snowy autumn

Unexpected plenty of snow on Etna! It was snowing even in Nicolosi. We wish to remember you we are closed until 22nd but reception is operative and answers to all e-mail within 24 hours, except when heavy snowing stops us, like yesterday. Anyway it was a good excuse to stop to Hotel La Nuova Quercia …


5 Dec

05/12 White winter coming?

It is snowing even today. Will we have a white winter since its beginning? Today Etna had first snow rescue of this winter season (three persons in a small car without chains or snow tyres). More photos on our Facebook page.