31 May

31/05 Inside the cave

Together with two friends we gave a closer look to cave which stays close to hotel. We planned how to leave a semi permanent stair with less impact possible for cave. Beeing a small group it was possible to descend inside to discover that it is bigger I remembered and that to enter in main …


27 May

27/05 A cave close to hotel

It was year 1985. Hotel was just rebuilt on 1983 lava in same spot than restaurant destroyed by that eruption. I was 11 years old, my brother 14. We loved adventure on young lava seeking for warm spots where it was possible to burn newspapers and pieces of wood. I still remember that humid and …


20 May

20/05 Krabusch style

There are different ‘syles’ to visit Etna. I adore mr. and mrs. Krabusch one! Here some photos from their last trip on Etna few days ago. …and what about ‘free style’? Some past photos took here and there around Etna (2008).


13 May

13/05 For Beatriz

On May, 15th 2001, nine years ago, she disappeared on Etna our guest Beatriz Lebeña Caldevilla. Tejedor is a spanish folk band which dedicated her a wonderful and deep music, “Etna”. You can listen it following this link: LLunáticos – Etna (I wasn’t able to find a better and official video. If you find one …


8 May

08/05 Ash emission video

Yesterday’s ash emission lasted for about 15-20 minutes (under strong winds). On Hotel Corsaro Facebook group you will find a video of this event.


7 May

07/05 A little ash cloud?

It seems there has been an ash column few minutes ago. Looking at webcams we see nothing. Maybe it has already finished? I publish only webcam image in which there is something possibly pertinent to an ash emission. UPDATE: it has been confirmed, a short activity has been seen around Sud Est crater. Who was …