31/05 Inside the cave

Together with two friends we gave a closer look to cave which stays close to hotel.

We planned how to leave a semi permanent stair with less impact possible for cave.

Beeing a small group it was possible to descend inside to discover that it is bigger I remembered and that to enter in main room there is a second jump with needing of a second longer stair.

It was possible to go inside without stairs but it is not a wise idea and. Without it this can be an hazardous procedure.

After third excursions to cave in four days I finally decided a possible tour. In less than one hour (even just thirdy minutes with a good step) it would be possible to appreciate:

– pillow lavas (soft shape lavas)

– “Pahoehoe” lavas (flat lavas on which you can walk very easily)

– “A’a” lavas (sharp lavas)

– several lava rivers (looking at them you will figure out when lava was still melted and flew inside its natural banks)

– a cave with three different arms to south and south-est and a big room to north (cave entrance is at center of their crossing)

– “bonus” on way back to hotel it is possible to reach Orazio and Antonio Nicoloso chalet. What’s special? It has been covered by lava in 1983 but Nicoloso brothers digged about 20 meters and …no, I will not publish any photo, you’ll have to discover by yourself wether they found anything or not

About cave problems next time we’ll have to do some cleanings. People who discovered this cave in past years decide to sponsorship it with Pepsi cans and other garbage. Why?

Hotel Corsaro CaveHotel Corsaro pillow lavasHotel Corsaro Cave

Hotel Corsaro CaveHotel Corsaro Cave Big roomHotel Corsaro Cave

Hotel Corsaro Cave Sud-est armHotel Corsaro Cave South arm saltHotel Corsaro Cave