24 Jun

24/06 Sud-Est activity

‘Sud-Est’ crater was showing activity in past days. I can give this new just today due to a travel to Germany to visit country from where most of our guests come from (and it is an extraordinary country!). Here there is Oliver Beck e-mail dated June, 19th: “Hi Davide, seems there was a new collapse …


7 Jun

07/06 Just rumors

This morning a local guide (not an Etna guide) told us it was not possible to reach the top due to possible activity. I called cable car station and they told me: “false”. There is not particular activity so if you hear anything different please contact me.


6 Jun

06/06 First group in cave

Today Geo Etna Explorer decided to visit ‘our’ cave. It was a test and now I have some data. – even a not well equipped group can easily reach this cave. It will be even easier in future after more people will discover this cave and will trace a comfortable path. – a complete excursion …