28 May

28/05 Strombolian activity increasing

Krabusches reported increasing of strombolian activity of Bottoniera. They also visited top craters and they were so plenty of gases that it was impossible to take good photos. Road to reach new craters is very hard and anyway crater zone is risky. They followed guide’s suggestions about ‘safe limit distance’ and they appurated Etna guides …


22 May

22/05 Eruption ended (by now)

Our old friend Boris says in comment to our recent new: “It seems that the eruption initiated on 13 May on the upper eastern flank of Etna has ended after little more than a week during the night of 20-21 May 2008.”. I report his comment here and add nothing else than ‘by now’. I …


15 May

15/05 Etna eruption photo

On May, 10th I used my mobile phone to take a picture of lava in Valle del Bove. I was in Giarre on eastern side of Etna and show was impressive. Unluckly when darkness come clouds completely covered Valle del Bove as you probably have seen in past days by webcams.