19 Sep

19/09 Sud Est show

On YouTube it is possible to see a timelapse video of Sud Est crater activity on 16/09. Follow link to Timelapse video of Sud Est crater on 16/09 Thanks to Klaus Dorschfeldt for these images by on of Catania’s view I prefer.


16 Sep

16/09 Snow?

One week ago we had cold and bad weather and Etna got a white cap. Now weather is warm again but Etna shown proud her winter looking on her top. Thanks to Andreas Brenneke for airplane image.


1 Sep

01/09 Two old photos

Oliver Beck sent me two old photos. One of them is landscape as seen by old Corsaro restaurant parking, before total destruction of 1983. You can recognize old cable car (made with groups of three cabins joined). Second one shows “La Madonnina”, also this before its disappearing. Photos are dated 1979. Thanks Oliver for this …