11 Apr

11/04 Bretscher was there

On April, 8th Thomas Bretscher was on Montagnola when a big cloud arose from Sud-Est crater zone. He sent us some high-detail photos by close distance of this event. I publish them in chronological order (by each photo number). Thanks you very much!


9 Apr

09/04 Ash column

Yesterday I was in Giarre. I had the best view of a new event. A big but not so dense ash column grow up fast from Sud-Est zone and luckly I took a picture. Nothing special but a good sign of increasing activity for all people this year wish to see our volcano. Thanks to …


4 Apr

04/04 Ragabo refuge and Mareneve road damaged

Two days ago a 4,2 Richter earthquake shook nothern side of Etna. Boris Behnke has gone there and published some pictures on Flickr. I rob him one and publish link to his page: Earthquakes on Etna, 2 April 2010 . Ragabo refuge had minor damages to structure. They are going to be promptly repaired and …