23 Dec

23/12 Merry Christmas from all over the world!

We are working hard in these last hours before Christmas-Epiphany holidays. It’s a pleasure anyway to receive your greetings from all over the world. This morning we got best wishes from England by Mat e Niki Adlam Stiles (they signed Mat and Niki then they had doubt, ‘will they understand who Niki and Adlam are?’ so they …


21 Dec

21/12 Special Offer on January, 9-11th weekend

Who reserves for first weekend after Epiphany will pay low season tariffs calculated on 2008 Tariffs. Total cost for a double room in Half Board for two nights form Friday, 9th will be € 220,00 instead of € 280,00. Minimum service is Half Board, as usual during winter weekends. It’s a strong reduction on official …


16 Dec

16/12 Japanese present for Christmas

They were not sure about address but they tried everything to be sure their package could reach Nino Corsaro at “La Capannina”. They wished to thank Nino for pleasant stay they had this summer in “La Capannina”. “La Capannina” is our little bar / restaurant open one kilometer far from hotel, close to Silvestri Craters. …