16/12 Japanese present for Christmas

They were not sure about address but they tried everything to be sure their package could reach Nino Corsaro at “La Capannina”.

They wished to thank Nino for pleasant stay they had this summer in “La Capannina”. “La Capannina” is our little bar / restaurant open one kilometer far from hotel, close to Silvestri Craters.

They knew it was not Nicolosi but they didn’t know what to write so they had a great idea.

They printed a map and they signed the exact place where they knew La Capannina is.

Not sure if it was enough they filled package with all informations they got including telephone number and, last touch, on package back they added a full description of La Capannina.

“The little bar and restaurant has been protagonist of eruption 2001 […]”.

Maki Sato, if you will ever find this page, looking for your name or “La Capannina” on internet, well, your package has arrived and contenent has been appreciated.

Many many thanks form Nino Corsaro!