23/12 Merry Christmas from all over the world!

We are working hard in these last hours before Christmas-Epiphany holidays.

It’s a pleasure anyway to receive your greetings from all over the world.

This morning we got best wishes from England by Mat e Niki Adlam Stiles (they signed Mat and Niki then they had doubt, ‘will they understand who Niki and Adlam are?’ so they added surname! Don’t worry, we can’t forget people so lucky to get an eruption EVERY time they come since many many years! Too lucky, you are!

Short after another package arrived. Suspicious. No sender wrote on it.

I opened it taking box far from my face.

Aluminium inside.

A bomb?

Cautious I cutted red wire which closed package. Pfiuu, it didn’t explode.

Corner after corner I slowly opened it revealing another box, white this time.


And greetings from mr and mrs Krabusch!

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you, too!

Tomorrow I will light up a candle, it’s Ahti Hekkila’s Christmas Candle which arrived several week ago and it’s waiting to be honoured in my house.

Merry Christmas to Finland, too, and Happy New Year!

I will forget many firends if I say merry christmas to Boris Behnke, Charles Riviere, Tom Pfeiffer,  Marco Fulle, Humpfrey Reader, Yves Allegra, Pierre Van Der Bracht, Vera Carollo (and Peppe, Melanie, Isabella…), Oliver Beck, Nicolas Masselot, Thomas Bretscher, Klaus Henning and more, Ren, Larroque, Frode and Lauzero, Sabine Verh… ops, it’s a difficult name!, Gabriele and Sebastiano, Anna Micale, yes, some more, Anne Solange and Grazia, Guntram, Roger… Amara Graps! and more… Elisabeth Curie, Jacques Sintes, many more people I remember but can’t write down their name… those two french people, we’ve seen just some weeks ago… oh, sorry… and sorry to all others who I will remember just when I’ll close this message: this is just a small portion of all friends I wish give my Merry Christmas but I can’t stop to think to the name of a friend we all miss, Thomas Reichart, and I don’t want to forget Beatriz Caldevilla Lebena and Arnaud Nicoladze, to all their families goes our hugh.