10/12 Snowy autumn

Unexpected plenty of snow on Etna! It was snowing even in Nicolosi.

We wish to remember you we are closed until 22nd but reception is operative and answers to all e-mail within 24 hours, except when heavy snowing stops us, like yesterday. Anyway it was a good excuse to stop to Hotel La Nuova Quercia looking their New Year’s Day menu. You can find it at bottom.

It is beautiful to see heavy snowing and sea in front of you.

You can download our New Year’s Day offers here: New Year’s Day 2013. Contattateci a info@hotelcorsaro.it per informazioni. Contact us at info@hotelcorsaro.it for information.

Nicolosi Mare & NevePedara Mare & NeveS.P. 92 Mare & Neve

Hotel Ristorante Bar La Nuova Quercia & NeveHotel Corsaro Etna Prima Neve Inverno 2013 & Mare
Hotel Ristorante La Nuova Quercia Menu Capodanno 2013

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