20/12 Special offers

There are several special offers available online. Click on links, offer will be active for a limited time! Examples:

22/12-24/12 (up to € 97,00 discount on official prices!) [Sold out!]
24/12-26/12 (up to € 48,00 discount on official prices!) http://tinyurl.com/OFFER-2412-2612
27/12-29/12 (up to € 71,00 discount on official prices!) http://tinyurl.com/OFFER-2712-2912
28/12-30/12 (up to € 42,00 discount on official prices!) http://tinyurl.com/OFFER-2812-3012
11/01-13/01 (up to € 102,00 discount on official prices!) http://tinyurl.com/OFFER-1101-1301
Or make your special offers checking dates you prefer at http://tinyurl.com/Make-me-best-price

III and IV bed cost € 25,00 each. Lunch and dinner cost € 20,00 per person (but just € 15,00 each for III and IV person).

We wish to remember we don’t use telephone but just e-mail for all contacts; this allows us to offer very special prices and answers withing 48 hours (usually less than 12 hours). Contact us at info@hotelcorsaro.it

We have last rooms available for New Year’s Day 2013, check http://tinyurl.com/HAPPY-2013-ON-ETNA


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