11/02 Training on Etna

Team Lampre on EtnaCycling best world teams are discovering Etna as ideal training spot. It’s due to several reasons as for example:

Ideal location in Europe, it allows to sleep 2.000 meters (6.500 feet) high with unique possibility to go down to 0 meters altitude in just 30 minutes taking advantage of mild climate and perfect road
– just 40 minutes far from Fontanarossa (Catania) International airport
– High quality hotel already on best meritocratic guides (Michelin, Touring Club, Gambero Rosso)

We are glad to have so extraordinary guests in these two months.

Giro d’Italia 2011” gets closer and on May, 15th we will be here at finish line hoping to see first on of “our” boys!

(photo: Team Lampre at Hotel Corsaro)