04/08 Etna batteries 100% charged

Krabusch & Adlam-Stiles at Hotel CorsaroMany signs show Etna is ready to a new eruption.

Several little earthquakes in latest months, swelling of terrain, gases expecially from Nord Est crater. There are all signs possibile of a new eruption coming.

Another ‘touristic eruption’ for maximum pleasant of Etna visitors and scientists or another destructive eruption which slowly will delete roads and buildings?

Considering Niki and Mat Adlam-Stiles didn’t reserve, yet, I suppose we are safe 🙂

About more photos of Etna I am plenty of them but, due to a technical problem, I can’t publish photo galleries anymore but just single photos. I have a CD full of smart images shoot by mr. and mrs. Krabusch and I am sorry I can share so few with you in this moment.

It is surprising what they see around our volcano. From broken shoes to “hearts” seen in rocks, snow and green, to fireworks down around Catania as seen by our rooms 2.000 meters above sea level, to snow at high altitude so high even in May, to strange incredible sculptures modelled by wind to strange places, to clothes left to dry on balconies like we use in Sicily, to old rusty cars abandoned in woods… I can’t tell, I should show you so I am sorry I can’t by now… but enjoy a small collection, there will be another time for Krabusch selection of broken shoes found around Etna, promised!

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