13/01 Great show!

Etna erupion and lava 120111I am just back home (01:40 a.m.) after a trip around Etna to see this evening’s show.

Eruption has been impressive, never seen so much lava spread in so short time.

From Giarre and Milo you could see more than several river. It was like a big lake flowing down.

…and now all has finished. Few hours as never seen before and now all quiet as usual.

It is an extraordinary place.

After few hours sleeping I hope tomorrow to publish some photos; we had a great camera with us and now I have to wait my friend photographer sends them to me.

This “new” will be uptaded during the day.

Meanwhile I publish a shot by Andrea Pulvirenti from Nicolosi (which wasn’t best place to see lava).

UPDATE: you can find two wonderful galleries following links:

Etna Walk

Boris Behncke

Copyright of photo owners

This morning it seems nothing happened except for a strange ‘permafrost’ which covers road. Yesterday’s ash mixed to nights’ ice.

It’s Rally time!

Last photo is ours.

UPDATE: a nice video here, it seems water!Permafrost vulcanico presso l'Albergo Corsaro Etna. Cenere mista a gelo notturno