13/07 Excursions to the top!

Aitne MedIt’s official, excursions to the top are open again!

Pietro La Rosa organizes at € 85,00 (€ 80,00 with Hotel Corsaro Special Guests Card)
info@etnatouring.com +39 331 1080540 (cable car roundtrip & 4X4 only going up included – jacket, boots, sticks, socks for free if needed).

Marco Tomasello organizes at € 75,00 (€ 70,00 with Hotel Corsaro Special Guests Card)
marcotomasello@hotmail.com +39 347 0800902 (cable car roundtrip & 4X4 only going up included).

Both are official alpine guides. Contact them to reserve your escursion. Excursions are not an hotel service, we just suggest them and decline every responsability.

Excursion to the top require a two night staying. On our website you can get best tariffs on internet for two or more nights.

More, who reserves by our website gets:
– free access to wellness area (and you will need after excursion!)
no city tax to be paid on your staying (hotel will cover it for you, if any)
discounts in cable car station and local restaurants
All guests have already:
free parking
free Wi-Fi and free Satellite TV with international channels