14/03 Thanks Ahti

Ahti Heikkilä and Nino CorsaroHe sent us a book in finnish and me and my girlfried tried to imagine what text said while looking at pictures. He took us his paintings, one is in hotel, another in private collection. We exchanged several e-mails and recently he was writing a book on Etna. I often received his little Christmas finnish presents which made us very happy. They are all at home, on fireplace, they are candle keepers. Some are made in rock but our favourite is metallic, in shape of reindeer.

This morning I received an e-mail message which tells Ahti will not ask me any more information about Etna, which tells we will not exchange anymore e-mail, we will not anymore receive pictures from snowy Finland from him. Everything he sent us now seem ten times more precious to me.

Thanks Ahti, it has been a great pleasure to meet you.

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