26/07 Webcam hunting

by Humphrey ReaderMr. Humphrey Reader wrote me yesterday.

I have no possibility to check so if anybody knows something more please write us.

Dear Davide,

You might be interested in this photo from the Etna Trekking camera 3 taken today at about 13:50 (UK time) – we seem to have fumarole activity from a patch of hot ground at a level above where I remember seeing the lava escaping in the 2008-09 eruption.

If I were on-site I’d take this as a sign to go and have a look if possible. Weather looks good – maybe someone actually should investigate? I know the site is difficult to access. Webcams are all very well but you’d need a personal visit to get a view of the activity from different angles, close-up etc – and of course to take gas and rock samples.

I’ll try to remember tonight to see if there’s any corresponding glow – I imagine almost certainly not but if there is I’ll let someone know at once! I suppose there just might be a super-hot fumarole like my ‘hell-hole’ which according to scientists I ran across at the time was expelling gas at about 900C.

Kind Regards


No doubt INGV is investigating and we will have some news, soon!

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