Giovedì, 31 Gennaio 2008

There are many videos about Etna on YouTube. One surprised us. It has been recorded by our roof and shows September,4th 2007 Sud Est explosions. Our thank to author. Click here for video from Hotel Corsaro.

Giovedì, 31 Gennaio 2008

Yesterday, on a ‘birthday tour’ with friends on Nebrodi mountains (northern part of Sicily) we discovered a little corner of paradise where to rest. We thank Ass. Foraci who took us to a new zone who will soon open to tourists but which we could visit thanks to his passion for his town, Tortorici. Thanks! My 34th birthday couldn’t be better!

Giovedì, 31 Gennaio 2008

Bye, Thomas

Mercoledì, 30 Gennaio 2008

Wireless free internet connection in one third of hotel has beeing appreciated by our guests. I am happy because it is an old dream and because I am proud to offer it for free to every hotel guests.

Last room available for tomorrow evening, December, 31st. It’s more difficult to sell a lonely room thane to sell two or three to a little group of people. Price is € 170,00 per person, € 340,00 if sold as double room. Last room is a magnificent four places room so if you are just a couple you can park your car in it (just joking!). Price includes New Year’s Day’s lunch but restaurant will remain closed on 31st evening. We suggest Rifugio Sapienza +39 095 915321 (but it should be full meanwhile I write) or La Nuova Quercia hotel +39 095 911277 for a special dinner, tomorrow.

Golden week-end special offer il working fine! First reservations have been confirmed today. Some price examples? A room for two persons on 9th and 10th January in Full Board will cost just € 280,00 instead of € 360,00 total. With two children price will be € 440,00 instead of € 580,00. Base service, double room in Half Board, will cost € 220,00 instead of € 280,00, total for two nights, two persons.

Martedì, 29 Gennaio 2008

Sometimes I beg your pardon for strange titles I give to news. They are necessary to focus search engines attention on some keywords, those ones most of you use when you want an hotel really on Etna and really close to cablecar and snow..

Sometimes I beg your pardon if, in lack of news, I fill up a page with a lot of effectively unuseful comment. I need them to have a bit of space to place a photo. Today I wished to publish two of them.

A photo of Hotel covered by snow, as today morning, is surely better than thousand words.

Two photos are better than one.

So I hope ho get your pardon.

Neve nel giardino dell\'Hotel Corsaro - snow in Hotel Corsaro gardenAh yes, you wish another good new. Wireless is working in reception and in rooms from 101 to 109. First experiments with our guests have been positive. During 2009 we will extend wireless to 201-208 rooms and bar and restaurant halls.

What about if you don’t have a mobile computer? You got anyway space for a third and last photo of today’s snow.

Isn’t it extraordinary?

Lunedì, 28 Gennaio 2008

Hotel is almost full on January, 4th (and full on 2nd and 3rd).

Epiphany offers which start on 4th have no more sense so we delete those packages.

To reserve on January 5th (or on 4th for one of few remaining places) please check prices of Tariffs 2009.

About snow it was all the day snowing and tomorrow forecasts expect even more snow.

Lunedì, 28 Gennaio 2008

Offers New Year Day and Epiphany are almost ready.

In no more than two days  it will be possible to reserve.

We hope in a snowy winter!

Domenica, 27 Gennaio 2008

Riconoscibili Tom Pfeiffer e Sonia Calvari, Roberto Carniel di spalle, Salvo Consoli ripara una gommaDo you remember October, 18th note about Humphrey Reader’s dream about Etna?

He wrote me again some weeks ago giving me a link to an interview to Sonia Calvari

Mr Reader said: “Even the professionals can be taken by surprise! My dream has given me a real insight into how Dr Calvari must have felt.”

Photo courtesy by Stromboli Online

Domenica, 27 Gennaio 2008

Neve sull\'Etna all\'Hotel Corsaro“Will it be snowy?”.

Every day, according to forecasts.

Few more places for New Year’s Day (just three rooms available in this moment).

Ski season can begin!

Sabato, 26 Gennaio 2008

There is yet some room free for New Year’s Day 2009.

Another good new, forecast say we will have about 14cm of snow before tomorrow!

Effectively in this moment it’s already snowing.

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