07/11 Sud Est Fireworks

Sud Est eruption November 2009Sud Est eruption November 2009Happy New Year, Etna wishes to say!

Both mr. Raimon Schulz and Charles Riviere watched Etna webcams yesterday to discover a bit of strombolian active from Sud Est crater.

Thanks to our friends for webcam shoots they sent us and let’s hope we’ll have a bit of activity on 2010, too!

About hotel we are completing some improvements in hotel. Some of our guests will enjoy new surprises in their rooms this winter. We never stop making this hotel better (thanks to you all, obviously).

About New Year’s Day we thought to open reservation on 1st December but some of you decided to anticipate us. We already sold first three rooms so we wait your next telephone calls. In November we will do short time in reception so please call between 11:00 a.m. and 03:00 p.m..

Use links to get New Years’d Day file and hotel tariffs.


  • Oliver Beck says:

    Yes, he did it again!
    Mr. Henning told me, that he pushed the secret eruption button during his visit in September again (like me in 2008 an 2007).
    The fuse is very long, but it seems now the eruption has started.

    I wish I could be there!!!

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