18/12 White and Black

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Where is located Hotel Corsaro?Another freezing morning on Etna. Today sky was perfectly clear.

Where we are on Etna?By the distance hotel was visible and “close” even if it is 2.000 meters high. I couldn’t resist to take some photos ‘zooming’ to it despite stong wind.

I publish them here in hope you can see our little yellow spot on all that white.

Most people ask me by phone “are you far from Cable Car station? I also publish a photo which covers Etna Sud touristic zone. You’ll see how close we are to everything.


Most Hotel Corsaro’s website readers in winter time are local people interested in snow and winter sports.

While all them look for snow news is it a good idea to show them what people all over the world consider the best interesting thing on Etna?

Today I am glad to publish a summer mail of Georesearch Volcanedo. Thanks to Edvard and Anke which were able to get scientific results and beautiful photos at same time. Here you find their explanation about what you can see:

“Some pictures from the Etna taken between 23.July and 2.August 2010

No.1_2884Copyright by Georesearch Volcanedo Germany
View from Etna North / Piano Provenzano ( heigt 1810 m o.s.l. ) to Etna’s summit. In the middle the NE-crater with strong gasemissons; The summitapparatus is situated right of the NE-crater behind the firtree. Left of the NE-crater you will find the Volcanic Observatory as two white dots. The lavaflows from 2002, which had destroyed the tourist station Etna North, are in the foreground.

No. 2_2914Copyright by Georesearch Volcanedo Germany
View from the NE-Crater in SSE-direction. In the foreground the lower part of Voragine’s craterterrace – the upper plain is situated on the right side and not visible -, in the middle the “steaming” SE-bocca of the Bocca Nuova and in the background the plain of Catania; Between the Voragine and the Bocca Nuova you will find the severely damaged par- tition, which is called “Diaframma”.

No. 3_2758Copyright by Georesearch Volcanedo Germany
The western part of the Voragine’s crater wall ( see the right side of the photo before );

No. 4_2950Copyright by Georesearch Volcanedo Germany
View from the southern craterrim ( between Bocca Nuova and SE-Crater ) into the Bocca 1/NW of the BN. In the foreground the nearly completely destroyed partition between BN1/NW and the Bocca 2/SE, which is situated directly before the photographer’s feet. The Diaframma is beginning at the right lower corner of the picture because the Voragine lies on the right hand. The BN1/NW had strong gasemissions all over the above mentioned time and you could sometimes hear the sound of falling rocks as already reported.

No. 5_2831Copyright by Georesearch Volcanedo Germany
A picture showing the SE-crater with the young Collaps-crater at his southern flank. The smaller pitcrater is situated at the right edge of the picture, but you can only see the beginning.

All photos copyrigt by Georesearch Volcanedo Germany”