28/04 Hotel Corsaro’s Buffet

Buffet del Ristorante Corsaro EtnaSince many years our lunch buffet in very appreciated.

In this part of year we are offering it at special price to tour operators, an incredible price if you consider how many good things you find on it at cost of a normal lunch. A price even better than that you find in most other restaurants all over Sicily. This thanks to an experienced organization and a great volume of work.Part of Corsaro Etna Restaurant buffet

If you are not part of an organized group you can anyway have buffet at a special rate, too. Call us at +39 095 914122 to know in advance when you can find our buffet.

What do you find in buffet? Different kinds of fresh special home made pastas, many kind of meat, a lot of vegetables, cheeses and salami, rich salades and many sicilian specialities changing every day according to fresh products we find.


  • Peter Reichart says:

    we can recommend the excellent
    food and the buffet at hotel corsaro. We have been there three
    weeks ago. The wine offering is also very good.

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