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Wolfgang MullerWolfgang Mueller and Klaudia Kretschmer have been here presenting their book.

VOLCANOES near to the skin – Moments of Creation

“This is the title of the book (in German language) recently published by the famous German photographer of volcanoes Wolfgang Mueller and his life companion, co-author and -photographer Klaudia Kretschmer.

Volcanoes are the mystical, primeval mothers of our life!” – they told us – “For the photographer Wolfgang Mueller, since 1967 the mountains of fire are his passion, his life companions and mission, focus of his way of thinking and working. In this book he assembled more than 200 of his most beautiful and spectacular photos of volcanoes all over the world: his “native” volcanoes Etna and Stromboli/Sicily, Hekla/Island, Soufrière Hills/Montserrat, Kamtchatka/Russia, Ol Doinyo Lengai/Tanzania and Kilauea/Hawaii. Who venture to follow the authors to their exciting “workshop places” will feel the glowing heat, the sulphur vapours, the sinister vibrations, the explosions of lava bubbles and the “noise” of primitive times which returns to earth through the activity of volcanoes. He will participate to sensations and emotions experienced during excursions to active volcanoes and their spectacular eruptions.”

Wolfgang MullerSome of the chapters:
Etna: “Initial ignition” on Mongibello / Inferno on the north-east-crater / Mediterranean mountain with Alpin charme / Between fear and fascination on the south-east-crater (nov. 2006) / Paroxysm – the “volcanic tantrum” (new south-east-crater july 2011)
Vulcano: The sleeping god of volcanoes
Montserrat/Caribbean Sea:
Chronology of an apocalyptic eruption cycle / Under the ban of pyroclastic flows
Kamtchatka: Majestic volcanoes in the Far East of Russia / Mutnovsky – Between glaciers and volcanic heat
Ol Doinyo Lengai: Expedition to the “coldest” volcano of the earth / 2006-2008: the Lengai renew his face
Hawaii/Pacific Ocean: Excursion to Pu’u O’o, a child of Kilauea / The long way from the pit of fire to the cold Pacific Ocean / Pele, goddess of fire – the real core of a “geological myth”

Link: www.tecklenborg-verlag.de

Wolfgang MullerWolfgang MullerWolfgang Muller

Wolfgang MullerWolfgang MullerWolfgang Muller